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Transparent pricing

BeeInstant, metric monitoring done right!

$0.05 per metric per month. Unlimited data points.

We have discounts based on the volume of metrics.
14 days FREE TRIAL no credit card required. Please contact us to get started.

What is a metric?

A metric or a time-series metric is defined by a unique combination of metric name and its tags or dimensions. For example,

Timing, service=Payment, api=Transfer, stage=Production
is a metric name,
service=Payment, api=Transfer, stage=Production
are tags.

Compare BeeInstant's metrics with others

BeeInstant MetricsOthers (Datadog, SignalFx, Prometheus...)
  • 100% of data points processed for top-class accuracy. No up-front data sampling.
  • Live global histograms.
  • Unlimited percentiles.
  • Unlimited tags.
  • Global aggregation of histograms and percentiles in real-time and on demand at query time.
  • 1-minute histogram bucket for the most recent 30 days.
  • 1-hour histogram bucket for 360 days.
  • Throw away 99% of metric data points, so metrics are often misleading, especially for high-frequency metrics.
  • Emit only metrics at host level which are unusable to get insights into service performance at the global level.
  • Do not have live global histograms, which are the ultimate tool to observe service performance, especially for distributed microservices.
  • Do not support high cardinality metrics with on-demand aggregations of percentiles and histograms at query time.