Set alarms on crucial metrics to ensure you are constantly up to date on your system

Create Alarms

On the alarm overview page which can be found at you can see the current list of alarms aswell as their status. Alarm status is colour coded with red indicating an alarm has been triggered while green means everything is running smoothly.

Adding and Editing Alarms
By clicking on the "Add alarm" button on by hovering over an alarm title and clicking the edit icon you will be presented with the following Settings.

Field Description
Alarm Name Give your alarm a name or edit the current name
Is Active By checking this box you can activate an alarm or temporarily disable it.
Creating Alarm Details

Adding and Editing Monitors

Each alarm can have any number of monitors which can trigger the alarm. Displayed on each alarm overview page will be a list of all the monitors on an alarm, active and inactive. The graph displays the current status of the individual monitor with the details regarding the specific monitor being displated just to the right.

By clicking on the add monitor button a new monitor can be created.

Field Description
Monitor Name Give the monitor an identifiable name to indicate what is being monitored
Metric Name By Clicking on the Add button to the right you will find a graph you wish to monitor and then press the save button. This will autofill this and the following line.
Criteria There are 6 possible Criterias:
- Greater than
- Less than
- Greater than or equal to
- Less than or equal to
- Equal to
- Not Equal To
Threshold This indicated the value at which the criteria above is based upon
Number of consecutive points The number of points in a row that must occur before an alarm is triggered. For example if the number of points is set to 3, abnormal sharp increases in the metric followed by a quick return to normal wont trigger an alarm as only one datapoint will be affected.
Number clear data points The number of data points below the threshold where another alarm can be raised. This is to avoid getting multiple alerts continously as the metric goes above and below the threshold line.
Delay data breached This triggers an alarm if data stops being sent for the metric. This should be places on any metric where continous data publishing is expected and important.
Is Active Toggle the alarm on/off
Always send when in alarm If the alarm is currently engaged, should a new alarm be raised sending another notification action.


There are 3 ways to be notified when an alarm is triggered: Email, SMS and Webhook.

Email & SMS

The Process of setting up notfication via Email and SMS is very similar. There is only 4 inputs needed.

Field Description
Action Type Select SMS or Email
Send To Enter in 1 or more email addresses/SMS with a ‘;’ seperating each contact
Subject The Subject line to be sent
Body The Message to be sent


WebHooks can be used to send notifications to specific applications, Slack for example. A detailed setup guide should be available on the applications website giving you the details you need to fill into the following input fields

Field Description
Name An identifiable name for the alert
URL The URL to send the alert to
Method Whether it is a GET or POST request
Headers Any additional headers listed as a key:value pair with each header on a new line
Body The Message to be sent