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User experience monitoring

Track how users interact with your websites by leveraging Custom events. Measure performance of every page load, ajax request and more. Your engineering team and product team can now collaborate to help generate custom solutions, leaving your customers with the best experience possible!

Page Performance & Ajax Request Time

  • Enables you to engage in real user monitoring (RUM) to gauge user experience (UX) on your website.
  • Begins collecting data from the users perspective from the moment the user lands on your page right through to the moment they leave.
  • Provides invaluable insights as to how your viewers experience your site, such as the number of timeouts during peak traffic.

Customer Metrics Tailor Made to your Website

  • Defining custom made metrics enables you to understand customer behaviour on your site and how they navigate throughout.
  • Our simple script is able to consume custom made metrics to measure the metrics that matter most to you.
  • Instantly add and begin recording any metric you wish to measure to any page, such as the number of clicks on a button.

Javascript Error Metrics and Stack Trace

  • Our script can detect Javascript errors as they occur on the users end and report them to your dashboard to be analysed.
  • We identify and extract the information that matters most so you can identify the conditions under which the error occurred as easily as possible.
  • Each error is tagged to analyse what metrics cause the most issues and hence require the most focus.