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Intelligent Metric Explorer

BeeInstant innovates the way metrics are discovered!
One click to root-causes with Metrics Auditor. Slice and dice metrics with lightning fast dimension filtering. View the full spectrum of metric statistics enabled by the top-grade Global percentiles compared to other companies in the market. Spot trends, do capacity planning, share insights and much more.

Detect Outliers Among Millions of Datapoints

With so much data at our fingertips today it can be hard to escape the noise. To solve this we have developed an intelligent anomaly detection system which scans all the data for you and alerts you to any outliers.

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Human-Friendly Searches

Our intuitive search engine makes instantly searching and filtering thousands of multi-dimensional metrics a simple task.

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Full Spectrum of Statistics

We have a wide range of descriptive statistics you can use to analyse your graph, including max, min, sum, average, percentiles and global percentiles. We are always innovating to introduce new ways for you to analyse your data.

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Group Metrics Together

Our platform has the ability to analyse individual metrics aswell as being able to aggregate metrics together into groups to see who categories as a whole perform.

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Time Shift

Want to see what effect the changes you make have on the system? Compare time periods against each other to detect fluctuations in performance.

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Metric Math and Much More

We provide you with the freedom to conduct your own analysis on your data, you have the ability to conduct mathematical operations on data points such as logarithmic functions or create your own custom ranges

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