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Infrastructure monitoring

Gain Full-Visibility into every corner of your Infrastructure in a minute. View MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB performance and Docker containers in real-time.

Simple to setup

It only takes one line to install StatsBee or pull StatsBee docker image to get started. CollectD and Telegraf are natively supported by StatsBee. All infrastructure metrics are in one place together with application metrics. Easy to troubleshoot, spot trends and share insights among team members.

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<Plugin dbi>
  <Query "Threads_connected">
    Statement "SELECT COUNT(*) AS value FROM Threads"
    # Use with MySQL 5.0.0 or later
    MinVersion 50000
        Type "counter" 
        InstancePrefix "Threads_connected"
        InstancesFrom "COUNT"
        ValuesFrom "Threads" 
  <Database "product_information">
    Driver "mysql" 
    DriverOption "host" "localhost"
    # You may connect via socket as well:
    # DriverOption "mysql_unix_socket" "/var/tmp/mysql.sock"
    DriverOption "username" "collectd"
    DriverOption "password" "password"
    DriverOption "dbname" "sql_data"
    SelectDB "sql_data"
    Query "Threads_connected"

Extract Custom Metrics from MySQL

StatsBee seamlessly integrates with CollectD's DBI plugin to enable the execution of SQL statements on a database and the reading back of the result. This allows you to write and execute your own custom commands to retrieve the metrics that matters to you

Diagnose SQL Bottlenecks

Easily identify and diagnose SQL issues with BeeInstants simple integration into your SQL server. Our StatsBee agent can collect any metric such as connections, thread status, open tables, and bytes reveived/sent.

Identify Host Metrics Nearing Capacity

Easily check the status of every host metrics, such as RAM usage, by querying the metric explorer to return the top N hosts. Alternatively, you can create alarms to be notified of high usages on hosts through SMS, E-mail or Webhooks.