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Centralized Dashboard

The single place to keep all top KPI metrics. Easily correlate between application and business metrics with infrastructure's health. Build dashboards simply by copy/cut/paste/swap graphs.

Well Structured

We made our dashboard with accessibility and viewability of your most important metrics at the forefront. With this user-centric design in mind, we enable you to make as many dashboards as required and we have logically separated our dashboard in sections which can be used for broad topics such as CPU, RAM or a particular host. Within each section we provide the ability to split as many rows as you require into 1,2 or 3 sections, ensuring the most efficient use of screen space.

Dive Deeper with Metric Explorer

The dashboard is there to give you a broad view of your data, however, should you want to dive into one of the graphs to explore further we have incorporated a quick access button to allow you analyse the data deeper

Build quickly: Cut-Copy-paste

We understand that a minimal amount of time should be spent editing the dashboard and therefore we have it made rearranging/adding elements as easy as possible. We provide functionality to easily remove a graph, remove a column, add a new graph or even swap graphs around.

Descriptions for clarifications

Each Graph has its dedicated space underneath for additional information. Contrary to quick links which are for broader level information, graph descriptions may contain specific information; this could be instructions in case something goes wrong, further explanation on what the graph is measuring or external links relevant to this graph but not others.

Quick Links to your Playbooks

Spot any unusual changes in your graphs. It's convenient to have quick links that point you to a direction how to fix issues when they arise. Engineers who are on-call find this feature very useful.