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Measure high-frequency metrics
with no upfront data sampling
for accurate analytics.

To monitor distributed micro-services deployed beyond 100 and up to 10,000 servers or containers, you will need: [1] no metric data sampling for accuracy; [2] global metric aggregation because your metric data are also distributed like your micro-services; [3] live metric histograms and percentiles because these are the ultimate tools to observe service performance.

BeeInstant was fundamentally designed for all three from day one. Would you like to see a demo?

  • Beeinstant Metrics Exploter

    Real-time analytics

    BeeInstant innovates the way metrics are discovered! Unlike our competitors, you can view the full spectrum of metric statistics enabled by the top-grade Global percentiles. You can also solve any problems with our One Click to root-causes metrics auditor.

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  • application custom metrics

    Application monitoring with Custom metrics

    Powered by one of the world's most high-performance metric agent StatsBee, our custom metrics uncover new layers of insights into application performance and user experiences. With no data sampling, global percentiles, built-in high cardinality metrics and the ability to use our powerful SDKs Serverless, getting started will be one of the easiest and best choices your company can make today!

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  • Infrastructure Monitoring


    Learn exactly how your databases, containers, nginx and many more infrastructure components perform in real-time. One click to dive straight into any abnormal data points, thanks to the universal metric collector StatsBee and the Intelligent Anomaly Detection tool.

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  • User Experience Monitroing
    Available soon.

    User Experience

    Track how users interact with your website by leveraging Custom events. Measure the performance of every page load, ajax request and more. Your engineering team and product team can now collaborate to help generate custom solutions, leaving your customers with the best experience possible!

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Why Monitor with BeeInstant?

If you would like to always stay on top of application performance, infrastructure health or customer experience, BeeInstant is for you.

  • Seemlessly integrated


    You do not need to change the way metrics are being collected. StatsBee is the drop-in replacement for StatsD daemons, Graphite, InfluxDB. It's natively compatible with CollectD, Telegraf and more.

  • Top grade accuracy

    Top grade

    With no-sampling, global percentiles built-in and high cardinality metrics you can set SLAs on 99.99th percentile and inspect long tail latencies.

  • Intelligent Analysis


    Finding root causes hidden in thousands or millions of metrics is hard. BeeInstant brings one click to root causes with the Metrics Auditor. Extremely fast dimensions filtering minimizes time-to-resolve.

  • Global percentile

    Large scale
    and secure

    Run tens of thousands of servers. Develop and operate hundreds or thousands of rapidly changing microservices. BeeInstant handles the monitoring, so you have time for your customers.

Metric toolbox

Beeinstant comes with powerful tools that make sure you get the most out of your collected data.

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Metric Explorer
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Compare Today
with Yesterday
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